The Egadi islands, Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo, and the rocks Formica and Maraone are there, in front of the port of Trapani, nearby, close at hand.

Favignana where every year in May the ancient ritual of tuna fishing is repeated, welcomes the visitor with the royalty of the Tonnara Florio, an impressive example of industrial archeology, but also with the elegance typical of the Art Nouveau style of the Palazzo Florio; fascinates him with the clarity of his sea rich in history where he fought the naval battle of the Egadi between Romans and Carthage. You can admire its beautiful coves: the Cala Rossa; the Cala Azzurra; the Cala Perciata and the Cala Rotonda.

Facing the northern coast of Favignana, the island of Levanzo emerges from the depths rich in archaeological evidence, whose ancient origin is discovered by visiting the Grotta del Genovese and observing the 5,000-year-old Neolithic paintings depicting animals, hunting scenes and ritual dances .

In the stretch of sea between Levanzo and Trapani is located, Formica, on which was built by the Florio another tuna, now restored.

Marettimo is the most peripheral of the islands of the archipelago and also the highest: it reaches 884 m at Pizzo Falcone. Already known in antiquity as Hiera, it was long possession of the Arabs.

Precious, between the Sicilian and African coasts, is Pantelleria, the black pearl of the Mediterranean, an unusual and surprising land. The cuddies, the 24 cones surrounding the crater of the Montagna Grande, the brackish water pools, the thermal springs confirm the volcanic origin of the island while the characteristic dammusi, unique cubic houses in stone that dot the island, recall that Africa is near. Beautiful jagged coastline interspersed with delightful coves and some beaches. The Venus Mirror Lake, rich in mineral and silver salts on moonlit nights, is worth a visit: the cave of Sataria, the legendary Calypso’s house, the bagnu asciuttu, a sort of natural saunas carved into the rock.

Famous for the production of zibibbo, caper and moscato wine, the island is a tourist center with great attractions, with its splendid lava cliffs and clear sea.


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