Tour Monte Climiti



TYPE: MTB Trails

DURATION (approximate): 4 h – SCHEDULE (approximate): pick-up ore 09.00 -> drop-off ore 13.00

ROUTE: Masseria Italia, Castelluccio del Climiti (medieval castle ruins), the rock church, the rock ladder, Cava Spampinato, the rock-cut Necropolis, artificial reservoir, panoramic view of the Ionian Sea and the coast of Syracuse



SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT : cap, sunscreen, water (3 liters), snacks, training shoes LENGHT: 10 Km ring trail, which can be divided into more manageable chunks according to circumstances


From the Italy’s Masseria we will go towords the ruin of the Climiti’s Medioeval Castle. The ‘Castelluccio’ stands on a high limestone hill (378 meters above sea level) in a privileged position from where you can admire the Floridia plain to the west, the Anapo valley to the south, the port of Syracuse to the east, the port of Augusta to the north, and still the beautiful view of the south-western Hyblean Mountains. Then we will reach Cava Spampinato, a small valley located at the edge of Mount Climiti whose outlet takes place with a difference in height of about 50m. Because of the contact between volcanic and calcareous deposits, a spring is generated which in the winter period is manifested by a short stream that flows from the outlet level causing a long waterfall. From there we will proceed to the Necropolis and from there we will enjoy the beautiful view of the Jonian Sea.

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