Tour Pantakias



TYPE: Boat Excursion

DURATION (approximate): 1,5 h – SCHEDULE (approximate): pick-up before sunset -> drop-off ore 20.30

ROUTE: “Pantakias-Gisira” rock complex; Aragonese castle; “Canale” of Brucoli; source of water



SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT : cap, sunscreen, water (1,5 liters), snacks, training shoes LENGHT: 2,5Km


We will get on board near the river estuary and start our journey admiring the fascinating scenario of the Vulcano Etna and learning about the great architecture and history of the Aragonese Castle.
Along the way, visitors will have the chance to discover some of the caverns of the Byzantine rock complex nearby, which are characterized by the presence of splendid ancient paintings and which are now used as a fishing gear storage space by local fishermen.

A quiet and calm atmosphere will be the absolute protagonist of the Pantakias Tour. As the river waters gently rock the boat, passengers will experience how the past and the present intertwine with each other’s, in a natural setting that is ideal for relaxing and sipping a drink.
Typical food and wine will be served at this point before slowly moving back to the departure point, where, at the end of the tour, visitors can continue their experience in town at restaurant and bars of their choice.

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