Tour Rock Art



TYPE: Hiking

DURATION (approximate): 4 h – SCHEDULE (approximate): pick-up ore 09.00 -> drop-off ore 13.00 ROUTE: ;



SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT : backpack, trekking shoes, water, rain and wind jacket, cap,sunscreen,change of clothes

LENGHT: 8km linear path.



Named after a big natural cave kown as “Grotta Lazzaro “, “Cava Lazzaro” is one of the karst valleys that crosses the Hyblaean Mountains and which contstutes the first part of the initial part of the “Cava Grande di Rosolini”, just a few kilometers away from the main town. Besides the lush vegetation, this area is also important from a historical and archaeological point of view since it has continuously been populated. “Grotta Lazzaro (“Lazarus Cave”) was indeed inhabited during both the prehistoric period and the Bronze Age. In addition to the remains of the Bronze Age, visitors can also find traces of the early Christian era and two Byzantine rock oratories that peasants of the surranding area have been using over the centuries for different purposes. Nearby this area, people can visit the ” Eremo di Croce Santa “too. It’s certainly one of the most interesting Byzantine rock complexes in south-eastern Sicily and it’s particularly famous because of a miracle that happened there in 1533: the finding of the so-called “Holy Cross of Rosolini”.

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