Tour Syracuse – Half Day


TYPE: City Tour
DURATION (approximate): 5 h- SCHEDULE (approximate): pick-up h 09.00 -> drop-off h 14.00


Our Syracuse Tour will give you the oppurtunity to keep in touch with some of the most fashinating archaelogical site in Sicily. Your first encounter in this tour will be the Neapolis park, the most important archaeological area in the area. During your way you will admire the the Roman Amphitheater , the Greek Theater and the famous Ear of Dionysius, a huge cave rich of legends. But Syracuse offers amazing surprise and in fact underground you can se the the Catacombs of St. John, that was a burial site of Roman times in what had been used by the Greeks as underground aqueducts or the Hypogeum, a network tunnel carved into the limestone over twenty meters below ground level. But Syracusa is more and more with the Apollo temple that is oldest known Doric temple in Western Europe, or the Arethuse fountain that has been an inspiration for John Milton, Alexander Pope’s and William Wordsworth.

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