Tour Towards the Water Springs


TYPE: Hiking

DURATION (approximate): 4 h – SCHEDULE (approximate): pick-up ore 09.00 -> drop-off ore 13.00

ROUTE: Parco Forza, Pernamazzoni/Busaitone creek, rifugio Scirocco;



SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT : backpack, trekking shoes, water, rain and wind jacket, cap,sunscreen,change of clothes

LENGHT: 8km linear path.


Cava Ispica is a karst valley carved by the Pernamazzoni/Busaitone stream, which affects the Ibleo plateau between the towns of Modica and Ispica for 13 km.
Immersed in the typical Mediterranean vegetation, the cave is characterized by prehistoric necropolises, Christian catacombs, rocky oratories, monastic hermitages and different types of residential/family units that had been present in this area from the Old Bronze Age until the 14th century.

At the end of the Ispica valley, near the main the city, visitors can also find the “Parco Forza” archaeological park. During our tour, which can be divided into more manageable segments/chunks of different length, it is possible to make a refreshing stop at the “Rifugio Scirocco”. There will have the possibility to enjoy a warm coffee or simply taste the famous “Aperi-Trek”, a full meal which is prepared with gastronomic specialties, accompanied by an excellent local wine.

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